This is Nathalie

  • I bring people together and I help them learn and develop projects that positively transform our world.


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  • I am a multipotentialite professional who can wear many hats: program / project lead, consultant, trainer, facilitator, speaker, connector, community representative, partnership manager... but also mom and dancer ;-)


    My base is currently in Berlin but I work internationally.

    My most developed networks are in Europe and in Africa.


    Some of my main activities:

    Project & Program Management

    I have experience in leading complex projects & programs, involving multiple stakeholders from several continents and time zones, and combine back-end skills (structure, data, details) with front-end skills (people skills, impact orientation, big picture).

    Training & Facilitation

    Trainer and facilitator since 2008, I have designed and facilitated a wide range of training sessions for the public and private sectors as well as numerous workshops, meetings, seminars and public events.

    In English and in French.

    Partnership Management

    I believe interactions between different cultures, environments and sectors will help shift our world view and collaborate more efficiently. #SDG17

    Bridging worlds and developing partnerships are close to my heart!

    Consulting & Coaching

    I like to share my experience, ask questions, provide feedback and guidance. I rely on a broad knowledge related to sustainable development, social responsibility (ESG), social entrepreneurship, as well as leadership development and change management.

  • Testimonies

    Nathalie has an outstanding ability to facilitate human connections and create environments in which creativity, innovation and solutions can flourish.

    Nathalie has a talent for organization and facilitation, as well as communication in an international context, and contributes to a wonderful team spirit.

    And last but not least, she is hard working and committed to excellent outcomes for her team and participants, making sure everything is in place, not matter what it takes.


    Thomas Jakel, Germany

    Nathalie has great qualities and skills - like endurance, efficiency and reliability. Her moral code and work ethics are just simply great. She is honest, trustworthy and possesses a sound integrity benefiting people around her so they can perform better.

    She is highly skilled within project management, international communication and relation management.


    Erik Kristiansen, Denmark

    Nathalie can plan, create, and manage programmes excellently. She’s a capable manager and facilitator with a capacity for engaging across geographic and cultural barriers.

    Nathalie has my highest recommendation based on my collaboration with her​.


    Elizabeth Maloba, Kenya

    Nathalie worked miracles as the country coordinator and East African program manager for the enpact startup mentoring program. The job requires many skills including intricate planning for complex contingencies, coordination across continents, quick improvising, and keeping everyone's mood up. Nathalie brought all those skills to the table and added her own modesty, unflappable good demeanor and charm.​


    Oliver Beige, Germany

    Nathalie's organisation and facilitation skills are exemplary. Her sharp, creative and detail-oriented mindset has brought a lot of added-value in each of the programme we have created. Authentic and honest, she is a true people-person and a motivating facilitator & networker whether she is in Germany, Kenya, Ghana, Tunisia or elsewhere in the world!


    Quentin Merelle, France

    Nathalie is a hard worker and reliable colleague who dedicated her work to the fields of social entrepreneurship and sustainability. She has a deep understanding of the issues, developed over the past years not only her facilitation, but also public speaking skills, and is most definitely a peoples-person, who can easily interact and work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

    She is passionate about the African continent and loves to build meaningful bridges between people and organisations across nations.


    Melanie Akerboom, Germany

    I was amazed at how organized Nathalie was. Being keen to details, while also not losing focus of the wider/ long-term process is her biggest strength. She also showed great professional understanding on how to handle diversity while coordinating a program that brought together mentees, mentors and staff from different cultural backgrounds. Her ability to build long term professional relationships is commendable and to-date, she still maintains vibrant and valuable engagements with teams/ networks that she established.


    Simon Wachieni, Kenya

    I witness Nathalie taking full control and successfully steering the various programmes she oversaw. It takes hard work and a special capacity to plan, design, communicate and implement a programme for 45 people over two continents. Nathalie delivered this to the highest level with her management skills, structured approach and professional attitude to all details.

    An x-factor working with Nathalie is her personal engagement and her ability to create lasting connections with people. She can deal with all situations from problem solving to discussing strategy with high level partners.


    Stefan Godskesen, Denmark

    Nathalie is super-woman when it comes to event organising. It looks like nothing can ever blow her away. Whatever obstacles may arise, she always keeps her good mood, professional behaviour and energetic personality. She is especially experienced in handling diverse international groups.


    Gabriela Schweinberger, Germany

  • Experience

    A 15 year - professional journey with positive impact and sustainable development at the core, capacity building as common thread, spread across sciences, public policies and entrepreneurship support.

    Entrepreneurship Support and Empowerment of Changemakers' Communities


    2017 - 2019: as Regional Manager East Africa at enpact, I

    • interacted with 200+ entrepreneurs in Europe, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa
    • coordinated 8-month long international mentoring programs for startup entrepreneurs
    • interviewed and selected entrepreneurs amongst 300 applicants 
    • matched entrepreneurs and mentors
    • designed innovative learning and exchange formats 
    • organised from A to Z week-long seminars, workshops, kick-off days, info sessions, panel discussions, program presentations
    • facilitated training sessions, workshops, sharing circles as well as public events
    • took care of enpact's entrepreneurial community in East Africa
    • built and developed partnerships with actors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in East Africa
    • mentored startups and gave feedback to startup pitches
    • spoke at entrepreneurship summits and conferences (Afrolynk, African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Education, StartupNow, Sankalp Africa)


    2014 - 2017: as Community Builder and Facilitator with Makesense and ChangemakersForward, I
    • interacted with social entrepreneurs in 20+ countries
    • connected people around the world, contributing to the building of local and global communities
    • designed and facilitated design-thinking based workshops and events, up to a 200+ unconference and barcamp about social entrepreneurship
    • hosted conversations and webinars with a focus on leadership and transformation
    • helped the creation of new projects and the development of existing ones
    • contributed to building bridges between entrepreneurs and scientists, between entrepreneurs and students


          Sustainable Development Projects and Policies and Corporate Social Responsibility


          2010 - 2013: as Project Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator at Auxilia, I

          • helped public institutions, local governments and companies in their sustainable development efforts, from awareness raising to concrete action planning, evaluation and reporting.
          • coordinated both territorial approaches (Agenda21, energy and climate action plans) and organisational approaches (eco-responsibility, corporate social responsibility). 
          • provided in-depth analyses of the practices and policies of the organisations with regard to sustainable development
          • designed and facilitated collaborative sessions to help them reflect, prioritize and building up operational action plans
          • interacted and engaged with stakeholders of all sectors and at all levels 
          • coached project holders and help them navigate change 
          • trained 700+ people on sustainable development and related topics  


          2007 - 2009: as Consultant and Trainer at BIO Intelligence Service (now Deloitte Sustainability Services), I

          • carried out studies for private companies, professional federations and public agencies, in the field of environmental impact analyses (e.g. Life Cycle Assessment) and eco-socio-responsibility
          • led a study for setting eco-design requirements for energy-using products for the European Commission; managed about 100 stakeholders from all over Europe
          • created brochures, factsheets, articles and other environmental communication documents
          • trained 100+ employees of companies and students of engineering and business schools 


          2007: as Network Facilitator at Orée, I

          • coordinated a working group on eco-design of products and services
          • built this online platform about ecodesign of products and services for enterprises

          Personal projects


          🌍 World Discovering

          I was lucky enough to be able to set a foot on all continents.

          The website dedicated to my travels introduces some of the countries I have been to.


          Amongst noticeable experiences:

          ° Taking a small step and ending up very far

          ° Living with very few belongings

          ° Being the foreigner

          ° Getting to know strangers, especially when hitch-hiking and couchsurfing

          ° Experimenting cultural differences

          ° Managing uncertainty, figuring things out on the way

          ° Adapting to the unexpected

          ° Trusting myself, my intuition, my own path

          👐 Volunteering
          Apart from long-term engagement with MakeSense, I volunteered for:
          ° Raising awareness about food waste
          ° Farm work - wwoofing - in New Zealand and in Tonga

          ° Social business as a way to fight poverty in the Philippines

          ° Fauna inventory for conservation in Kenya

          ° Children education and cultural exchange in Benin

          ° Education for social innovation in Armenia

          ° Welcome and support for the homeless in Paris

          ° Public reception for an international street arts festival

          ° Prevention of drunk driving and night carpooling

          ° Organization of "cultural weekends" to European cities for students


              • Education

                I graduated as a Generalist Engineer in 2007 from ENSTA ParisTech, Paris, France.


                My studies were specialised in Environmental Sciences (ocean, atmosphere, climate) and were completed by a research internship at the Bureau of Meteorology Research Center in Melbourne, Australia.


                Since 2016 I also hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management from the Amani Institute, Nairobi, Kenya.

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